Monday, January 22, 2007

The New Background on this Blog

I have been hacking away at this thing as you can see. The basic template for this blog is called scribe. I like the paper image but the background was a bit too staid for my taste, and a number of people are using this template (T.O.P. among others), so I decided it was time to customize it some more. You may balk at the bold design, but it is in keeping with the desktop theme of the template. The design comes from an antique Tekke Hatchlu or Engsi rug, used by the Turk tribes inside their Yurts to divide up spaces. When the Russians finally conquered these nomads, their rugs became prized possessions of the bourgeoisie back in Europe. Some of them were used to cover writing desks, just as I have it here. This particular Engsi, which hangs in my office, was made by some Tekke tribeswoman in the 1880s on a simple horizontal loom, with consummate skill. The knots are barely visible to the eye, the work is so fine. These anonymous weavers were not only skilled craftswomen, they were great artists.