Friday, January 19, 2007

A Note on El Camino de los Negros

The log entry below is my first experiment of its kind in hacking this template and rearranging matters so that i can play with combining text and imagery in more interesting ways. What I am aiming for is to get two (or more) narratives running alongside one another while maintaining their independence. For this I had to come up with a new layout so that different bits of text could acquire separate status, and the different shapes could all cooperate while they maintained distinct trajectories. These are photo-essays, photo/grams, ideas written in light and shadow and letters. In the future I hope to add more photos to the essays that have none as yet, as well as to push these formal matters to whatever limits I can devise.

While I may be taxing the patience of the average blog reader who thus far is accustomed to briefer and less demanding reads, I see no reason not to prod them a little bit in the hopes that their habits have not calcified and that they would naturally seek the same intellectual quality that they demand of the material they find between the covers of a book. Time will tell. It always does.